Every woman has imagined countless times that she is wearing a bridal dress, surrounded by flowers, wine and blessings, to achieve the most beautiful moment in life. However, finding the perfect bridal dress is not an easy task. It must complement one’s body and temperament, and be amazed when it appears. More importantly, it must be what you like~


Preparation Before Yarn Test


Before going to the store to try on the yarn, put on a beautiful makeup in advance, light makeup can be used to enhance the beauty of wearing yarn. It is best to wear nubra and light-colored seamless underwear. Trying on a bridal dress with a tube top, backless, and shoulders will not be embarrassing, and it can better show the most original beauty of the bridal dress hk.

It is best to invite a good-looking little sister to accompany you to choose a bridal dress. First, you can make suggestions for you. Second, you can keep the first look of the bridal dress on the wedding day, so that the groom has greater expectations and surprises. It is so beautiful that he will never forget it~


Popular Wedding Styles


A-Line Bridal Dress

A-line skirt bridal dress. This is a more classical bridal dress hk style, cut with minimalist vertical lines, the upper body is more fitted, the hem gradually widens, lively and well-behaved, suitable for many body types, petite brides can choose A with a high waist design The word skirt will make people look taller and have longer legs. For plump brides, you can choose a deep-neck or V-neck style, which will highlight the neckline.


Mermaid Bridal Dress

This style of bridal dress is the most attractive in Xiao Ran’s opinion. Brides should choose carefully. The design is mainly thin and narrow, giving people a noble and mature feeling. The design concept is a mermaid tail wide skirt below the knee, which can perfectly show the body curve (the brides who can wear this bridal dress are all gods) exist).


Tube Top Bridal Dress

Tube top bridal dress. As the name suggests, a tube top is a style without straps, which is wrapped around the chest. This style is mainly suitable for brides with slightly plump breasts. Natural, generous and beautiful. This bridal dress mainly relies on the chest and waist to support the entire bridal dress, so it is not suitable for thin brides. In order to avoid the embarrassment of slipping, the chest stickers will escort you.


Tutu Bridal Dress

This is a more traditional bridal dress, especially the upper body is more fitted, which can make the waist tighter. The waist line is just on the waist, it can also be slightly lower. This style of bridal dress hk generally has a stereotyped skirt. Princess type, very popular style. Plump brides can opt for long sleeves or a V-shaped waistline.


Yarn Selection Skills


Thin Body

Petite people are recommended to wear a lace A-line skirt, which can raise the height of the eye, and match it with a pair of high heels to show the temperament and tallness. If you are petite and short, try to avoid the oversized princess tutu skirt. The tutu skirt is not fat, but the bigger the skirt, the lower the center of gravity, the more cumbersome and the shorter the visual effect~

Most of the bridal dresses are designed according to the European figure. For small figures, you can choose a bridal dress brand that is suitable for some Asians. For example, the pronovias bridal dress is very suitable for Asians. In addition, the bridal shop will also modify the proportion of the bridal dress according to your figure.


Fat Body

For girls who are slightly fat, a long mopping bridal dress is your best choice, because the length is long enough to elongate the figure. And the general drape like this long style is very strong, which is both thin and temperamental. In terms of style, you should choose simple ones without too many decorations. A simple bridal dress will make people focus on your whole body instead of complicated decorations, which will expose your lack of figure even more.


Thick Arm

Brides with thick arms must avoid bridal dresses with sleeves and shoulders, which will show burly shoulders. If you are a guest and see a bridal dress with sleeves, what is your first point of attention? It is a sleeve! So if the arm is really thick, don’t cover it, but it will expose the shortcomings that you want to cover. The correct way is to use a veil to cover, or wear a bridal dress with shoulder elements to enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses.


Thin Arm

Congratulations, brides with thin arms are suitable for most bridal dresses. Thin shoulder straps and vest-style bridal dresses can magnify the advantages, revealing slender arms and sexy collarbones, showing your advantages.


Flat Chest

It is suitable for styles with frills or floral ornaments on the upper circumference, and the upper body is made of textured fabrics. It is suitable for short coat bridal dresses, bridal dresses with breast pads, and bridal dresses with decorations on the chest. Not suitable for elegant and simple styles on the upper body, low neckline design, thin upper body fabrics, no chest pad bridal dress.



The shallow V-neck bridal dress can show the plump breast shape very well. In addition, the waist of the bridal dress hk should not be decorated too much. After all, the bust is already full enough. If the waist is decorated too much, the upper body will appear fat.


Wedding Style


When choosing a bridal dress, don’t forget to cater to your wedding style. A bridal dress that matches the style can make the wedding more ideal. If you are a small outdoor wedding, a bridal dress with light fabrics and simple styles will be more suitable for you. Lose elegance.

For lawn weddings, don’t choose bridal dresses with large tails. The tree branches are easy to scratch the dress. Short bridal dresses or small tails can avoid this situation. Fresh, tulle, lace are low-key and tasteful, it is a good choice~




Brides should listen to the opinions of professional service personnel when choosing bridal dresses. After all, they have many contacts with people who try bridal dresses, so they can quickly help you choose the most suitable one.

There are thousands of beautiful bridal dresses. The one you think is beautiful and easy to see may not be suitable for you. When trying on yarn, you must try different styles and try them on, and you will be able to pick the most beautiful one you like. bridal dress~