Tinker Watches is a watch brand founded by a group of young people in 2015. Combined with the e-commerce model, they developed a simplified way of online ordering. It takes only three steps to choose a watch. Follow the instructions of “build your watch”. The first step is to select the model, which has three diameters of 34, 38, and 42 mm. The second step is to select the colour of the frame, which can be gold, Silver and copper are three colours, the third step is the five colours of leather straps, and the combination is a watch priced at $150. After payment, a watch with interesting packaging box design will be delivered to your home in a few days.

Purchasing Process, Watch Design To Packaging In Line With Young People’s Aesthetics

The design is as minimalist as the purchase process. The large white dial is very in line with the aesthetics of young people. Only another colour is changed on the watch frame and strap to create a mutual contrast, elegant but not serious. This is also the original intention of the four founders. They wanted to find a watch suitable for any occasion, and because they couldn’t find it, they designed one by themselves.

Tinker Watches also launched a set of promotional posters. Compared with common posters that highlight watches or collocation with trend elements, this set of posters has more life context and strong colours. It simulates scenes such as holding a suitcase and looking into the jungle, suggesting that this watch is suitable for travel, school, life and other occasions. What it has in common is the front-facing white dial, which occupies a small proportion of the picture, but it stands out against the background of the poster with a strong sense of colour.

Seeing this watch is also reminiscent of Daniel Wellington. This watch with a simple design and a price of one or two thousand yuan has become very popular recently. It looks better than expensive watches and is also suitable for wearing because of its high appearance. However, Tinker Watches pays more attention to packaging. The design team and the factory have specially developed a set of modern watch packaging boxes. The outer paper cover uses hand shadow elements, and the long arms (or straps) intersect diagonally to form interspersed. stripe. In addition to black and white, the use of brown or yellowish monochrome is beautiful and artistic, so that the box itself can be directly gifted. “It means that it will not be thrown away. If it is done well, it can even become a part of the product.”