On November 17, the 2022 Home Furnishing Industry Digital Marketing Trend Summit hosted by Youju was grandly held through online live broadcast.

With the National Fourteenth Five-Year Plan, big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things are further listed as key industries for the development of digital economy. Accelerating digital transformation, vigorously developing the digital economy, and further enhancing the competitiveness of the core industries of the digital economy have become the key to the development and transformation of current enterprises.

The summit specially set up an online forum on “Creating New Drivers of Digital Growth”, aiming to discuss “How to seize the opportunities of digital transformation and jointly explore the secrets of future home improvement” so that home improvement companies can find the way to build a new future for home improvement Consumers create happy homes together.

As a leader in the home improvement industry, Mr. Bai Jie, chairman of the Life Home Furnishing Group and executive chairman of the Residential Industry Branch of the China Decoration Association, was invited to participate in the forum and discussed digital growth with the leaders of the China Decoration Association and representatives of home improvement companies. New kinetic energy, planning the industry’s forward path and new management thinking, and assisting the efficient and rapid development of the home improvement industry.


Part 1-Digitalization drives the transformation of home improvement business models


According to statistics, the current business model of our country’s installation company is more than 60.5% of the whole installation business. From the perspective of the concept of complete installation, what it sells is not only products, but also a whole-process service integrating hard installation, soft installation, and home appliances, distribution, and installation.

The complexity of the home improvement process drives the whole installation to a “digital drive”. As a self-contained company integrating interior decoration, soft decoration, high-end design, smart home and other services, Shengjia Home Furnishing has rich experience in the field of self-containment, and has moved to the digital track to realize the transformation of digital intelligence. One stop is to create a “digital supply and demand chain.”

Bai Jie, Chairman of Life Home Furnishing Group, said:

“The digital supply and demand chain is different from the traditional supply chain. The first one is the emergence of customer demand, that is, the customer value we are going to create. In the digital supply and demand chain, customer value is the center. The entire value chain of marketing; the second key word is digitization. Because our customers are digitized in the current era, it will drive the digitization of all the previous links, including manufacturers, R&D, haste, distribution, installation, and maintenance. .”

At the same time, Bai Jie believes that the digital home improvement path can improve the standardization of design services, data accumulation and intelligent application, and will also promote the iterative upgrade of home improvement digital services through practical results.


Part 2-Improving the quality of business operations with digitalization


With the development of science and technology, the future of the home improvement industry must be modern and digital. Digital technology will give installation companies new capabilities, such as computing capabilities, technical capabilities, business capabilities, data capabilities, AI capabilities, operational capabilities, research and development capabilities, etc., so as to create new value for the company.

Bai Jie, chairman of the Life Home Furnishing Group, realized that digitalization is indispensable for companies to achieve the second growth curve of high-quality development.

In order to firmly shift to a digital decoration company, LS Home Furnishing has built a R&D team of more than 100 people to deepen the digitalization and “digitize all business”, whether it is digital marketing, traffic, design, construction, delivery, or The digital supply and demand chain and manpower in the middle and back offices are undergoing in-depth transformation. To truly achieve “precise perception, efficient response” under operating efficiency and “precise marketing, better understanding of users” under user experience, improve the quality of corporate services.

In order to achieve this goal, Life Home Furnishing has established a powerful middle station.

The first is the business center. Precipitating reusable business capabilities in the middle of the business, realizing the reuse of enterprise-level business capabilities and the interconnection and collaboration between business segments, ensuring the stability and efficiency of key business links, and improving the efficiency of business innovation.

The second is the data center. In addition to the statistical analysis and decision support functions of the traditional data platform, the data center will focus more on providing intelligent data services for the front-line transaction business, supporting enterprise process intelligence, operation intelligence and business model innovation, and realize “Business Data and Data Business”.

With the business center and data center, companies can focus on the supply and demand chain, achieve precise perception and efficient response, better meet the individualization of the whole installation, and improve the quality of enterprise services.


Part 3-Using digital marketing to create new growth drivers


Corresponding to the changes in industry trends, from the perspective of household marketing trends, changes are also happening simultaneously.

Bai Jie, Chairman of Life Home Furnishing Group, said at the forum, “Digital marketing is more in line with the habit of modern consumers to access information. Digital marketing hong kong has become the top priority of current home furnishing and home improvement companies to promote the digitalization process. Realization The data exchange and mutual empowerment between channels and channels can accurately target the population and make data marketing possible.”

To this end, Life Home Furnishing relies on the advantages of the platform to open up full-link services such as design and marketing, enterprise resource accumulation, and construction project management, and carry out online digital operations to improve the efficiency of customer acquisition and business growth. Through the integration of design, marketing, construction, and delivery processes, consumers can see the entire link from product design to implementation. At the same time, Life Home Furnishing also uses AI automated design management tools to greatly reduce design costs and improve overall efficiency.

In terms of detecting user needs, Bai Jie, chairman of the Life Home Furnishing Group, said that as the cost of traffic increases, exploring private domain traffic and investing in private domain operations is another way to rely on digital technology to empower marketing.

In the public domain, only basic portraits and group portraits of customers can be obtained, but data at the personality level and ID level cannot be detected. Life Home Furnishing uses personalized content marketing to import users from public domains to private domains and obtain customer ID-level data to provide a powerful basis for user personalized customization.


Part 4-Insist on the development of digital intelligence and build a better future together


The wave of digitization is surging in all fields and industries. Whoever can grasp the development opportunities will be able to stand on the frontlines of development and win broad space.

This year is the first year of the “Three-Five-Year Plan” of Life Home Furnishing. The company has built a single-industry hybrid track closely following the strategic policy of “track upgrade and digital intelligence transformation”. In this year, Life Home Furnishing continued to make a high investment in “digital intelligence transformation”. Through the establishment of a business center and a data center, it enabled the customization of the whole package, and clarified the pre-personalized service, personalized design service, and personalized delivery service. 4. Four main stages of personalized service.

At the same time, under the support of the global warehousing supply chain, relying on strong mid-office capabilities, 100% brand rate and 100+ material categories can be achieved to match the personalized needs of more families, and the products can be personalized from soft to hard. .

Thinking is not stopping, exploring is not stopping. In the future, Life Home Furnishings will continue to explore on the road of digital intelligence led by the “supply and demand chain”, unswervingly promote the in-depth integration of the digital economy and the real economy, help the high-quality development of enterprises, and further enhance the beautiful home furnishings of Chinese people. Life!